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Concerning refugees, they were provided with legal advice; women in a vulnerable situation could stay temporarily in shelters. María-Bernarda Ordóñez, Secretary for Human Rights of Ecuador and head of the delegation, presenting the report, said the Ecuadorian Government recognised that overcoming gender inequality was a matter of social justice and human rights. The prevention of violence against girls and women was everyone’s responsibility, and 16 Ministries were working on specific projects for that purpose. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ecuador had vaccinated over half the population. The crisis generated by the pandemic had had a negative impact on the employment and working conditions of women in Latin America and the Caribbean, generating a setback of more than a decade in the progress achieved in terms of labour participation.

In the 1980’s, on a trip to South America with a group of peace activists Margaret was greatly impressed by the Ecuadorian people, their difficult lives, their struggle for freedom, and the strength and solidness of their bodies. As as she came home to Fresno she began a series of almost life size sculptures expressing the strength and physicality of the Ecuadorian women. Murder rates in Ecuador leapt in 2022 to 25.32 per 100,000 people, up from 14.06 per 100,000 people the year before, according to police data. “We can respond to our problems and needs and not to imposed questions,” she says, adding that local scientists have a deeper understanding of their own history and idiosyncrasies so they can better connect with local people. However, Segovia says, the network has been well received by young women and men across the country as a space for discussion about opportunities and challenges for women scientists, demonstrating that this space for discussion is needed in that society. Dr. Soledad Quartucci is the founder and CEO of Latina Republic, a 5013 California-based nonprofit organization. Latina Republic is committed to improving the diversity and professional development of storytellers in the media industry as representation matters and affects the stories we tell.

  • María-Bernarda Ordóñez, Secretary for Human Rights of Ecuador and head of the delegation, presenting the report, said the Ecuadorian Government recognised that overcoming gender inequality was a matter of social justice and human rights.
  • This is the website for a development organization named after María Luisa Gómez de la Torre.
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That’s why moving to the US would most likely not be a problem for your Ecuadorian girlfriend—at least, the concept of Ecuador-US migration is very common in this country. Visit LaDate — it’s a site with tens of thousands of the most beautiful Latino women. In 2013 the CDT stated in rural areas women made $219 monthly, compared to men making $293 monthly, and in urban areas women made $421 monthly, and men made $524 monthly. According to this statistic, women are making roughly 13-26% less than men monthly. Labor force participation is also disproportionate in Ecuador, with women participating 56%, and men participating nearly 83%, thats a 27% gap in participation between each sex. Information centres in very remote areas of Ecuador aimed to facilitate communication in rural areas. Another important point Ecuador was working on was related to artisanal activity.

Nine nationalities and three indigenous peoples are formally recognized in the country. Four years ago, it was categorized as a middle income country, ranking 89 in the Human Development Index. The fertility rate in this country is 2.1 , but it’s still much higher than the fertility rate in the United States. If we’re talking about indigenous women from Ecuador, the fertility rate is much higher .

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In practice, it meant having well-lit bus stops, bus routes going past busy places like schools and supermarkets, and ensuring public transport remained cheap and within the reach of women and girls. In the area of sexual and reproductive health, a draft law to guarantee the right to voluntary interruption of pregnancy in cases of rape was now with legislators for approval. A roadmap had been designed to update the 2015 Clinical Practice Guide on Therapeutic Abortion to include that mandate. The Ministry of Public Health had formed a technical roundtable for that purpose, which had heard over a dozen cases of abortion requests following rape. In that context, an inter-institutional round table was set up to develop a comprehensive public policy. “More than 7.1 million people have fled an unprecedented crisis in Venezuela in recent years. Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and other countries receiving Venezuelans in search of international protection owe them a coordinated, urgent and human rights-based response.

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Ecuadorian women love dating foreign men, and American men are incredibly popular among these beautiful women. In this Latin American country, there are lots of women who believe that men from the United States make better husbands than local men.

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In addition to the health and economic crisis such violence often brings, it had affected women’s self-esteem and agency. Empowering women to protect the ecosystem and sustain themselves also meant breaking down gender stereotypes and supporting them to stand up for themselves and participate in decision-making in their homes and communities. In 2018, a comprehensive law to prevent and eradicate violence against women was created, along with a national implementation plan. Women’s organizations and feminist organizations had demanded an adequate budget for its implementation. Based on that, Ecuador had constructed several projects, including for comprehensive care centres which would provide specialised services to children, adolescents and women. MARÍA-BERNARDA ORDÓÑEZ, Secretary of Human Rights of Ecuador and head of the delegation, said the Ecuadorian Government recognised that overcoming gender inequality was a matter of social justice and human rights.

The council believes this can be achieved if we focus on creating a violence-free society, a society where women’s physical and psychological well-being is protected. The delegation said that the Human Rights Secretariat was the institution which guided human rights public policy. The State used that Secretariat as a vehicle to ensure gender mainstreaming, and to ensure gender was a cross-cutting issue that was considered in all public policy adoption, ensuring it was pro-woman and pro-girl. That meant, for example, with regard to public transport, that the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Tourism were working on safe routes for women.

For lower-secondary, indigenous females had only 10.08% while non-indigenous females had 59.79%. These facts make it more difficult for indigenous people in Ecuador to get a job. In Kichwa’s case, mestiza women tend to be hired more than Kichwa women because many people assume that indigenous people are not “advanced.” It is a common idea that mestiza are more intelligent like WASPs.

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